Sponsored by Microsoft … a new app that brings fans to the basketball stadiums

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused the suspension of sports activities in all its fields, whether a foot, basket, hand, or other games around the world, for fear of the outbreak of the deadly epidemic and the cost of millions of lives.
With the recent decline in the number of injuries and deaths, major sporting competitions have begun to return, little by little, with a set of precautionary measures taken, to prevent the “killer of mankind” from spreading again; But return without spirit; Because of the decision to ban the entry of fans to the stadiums and only watch through television.

The decision to prevent fans from entering the stadiums, Microsoft Teams, announced a new application used to bring fans to the basketball stadiums while they are at home; Where the National Basketball Association “NBA” decided to use the “Together” mode to put basketball fans on the field in a virtual experience during live matches, using artificial intelligence to divide the face and shoulders of the fans and place them with other people in virtual stands that include more than 300 fans in Virtual space around the stadium.

NBA basketball uses a new Microsoft Teams mode along with 17-foot LED screens that will wrap around basketball courts allowing players to see and hear fans’ reaction as the match progresses.

Through this application, fans can see a live feed of the game inside the app, along with viewing each other.

In turn, Jared Spataro, President of Microsoft 365, said that this new experience, the first to be broadcast live as a result of the partnership of the National Basketball Association and Microsoft, gives the participating fans the feeling of sitting side by side in a live match without leaving their homes in comfort and safety.

“Meanwhile, players will test their energy and support as they dribble around the field and see the fans’ reaction in real time, and viewers who follow the game from home will feel the enthusiasm of the fans as they see the virtual stands full of fans,” he added.

In the event of abuse or overrun by some fans during the match, the president of Microsoft 365 revealed that members of the “NBA” were participating in the calls and would remove any participants acting inappropriately or disrupting the experience.

In the same context, ESPN and Turner Sports are also working on changing the location of the cameras to include new angles for spectators at home, and the microphones around the stadium will capture the sounds of sneakers and the ball bounce that we are used to hearing, as well as the experience Microsoft Teams app, fans will also be able to cheer by default using the app.

The NBA’s work with Microsoft is part of a strategic alliance formed by the couple earlier this year, as Microsoft signed a multi-year deal with the NBA to become the league’s official provider of cloud storage and laptop space.

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